What happens after I have completed my submission?

Once you have completed your submission (you can check this article to see if you have completed the submission process) here's what to expect next. 

1. Processing of your submission

We will process your audio and artwork and make the various audio formats required by our partners. Once this is complete the submission will go live on the CD Baby retail site unless you have set a future release date. In that case we will not activate the page until that set release date. 

2. Inspection of your submission

Your release is then sent to our inspection team to make sure it will be accepted by our partner sites. Our partners have a number of requirements submissions must meet in order to be listed on those sites. This should occur within 2-6 business days of your submission being completed and processed.


You will then be sent an email requesting your final approval to send your release to our partner sites. In that email you will be directed to a final summary of the info for your submission. There you can confirm if all the details are correct then submit your final approval on the release. 


You will get an email from our inspection team detailing the issues that need to be resolved with the release. 

3. Submission goes out for delivery to our partner sites

The time it takes for us to complete the above steps is on average about 2-5 business days. Once you have passed inspection and submitted final approval on the release we will begin sending the album to our partner sites. The release will go live on most of our partner sites in about 1-2 weeks but some sites can take up to 8 weeks. If you have a future release date set and our partner sites receive your submission before then they will hold activation of your page until your official release date. 


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