Am I done registering my submission?

We're often asked by clients if they are done providing everything they need to release their music with us. Here is a handy checklist to see if you have completed the sign up process

1. Payment

You can verify if you have paid for your submission by logging into your account and seeing you have anything listed under "UNPAID ITEMS". 

Here's how this would look on your dashboard.

If you have no unpaid items listed then you are all paid up and good to go. 

2. Check the Title Overview page

From your dashboard you can click on the VIEW/EDIT button to the right if your listed single or album and that will take you to the Title Overview page.

You will need to check if any items on the Title Overview page are flagged with an orange exclamation point or a purple triangle. In the example below you can see a submission that has a number of items flagged as Urgent or Incomplete. 

The items flagged with the URGENT symbol (the orange exclamation point) have to be completed in order for us to activate and distribute your release. The items with the INCOMPLETE symbol (the purple triangle) are suggested items but will not prevent your release from going live. 

3. Check your Distribution Option

If you did wish to be sent to our partner sites like iTunes and Amazon you should verify that you are set at a Distribution Option higher than "CD Baby Only". 

You can view that from the Title Overview page by clicking on the Distribution header. 

4. PRO SUBMISSIONS: Pay for Songwriters

If you have signed up with us at the CD Baby Pro level you should make sure you have paid the appropriate songwriter fees for your release. You can see if that is due to us by logging into your account and clicking on VIEW/EDIT to access the Title Overview page. If any songwriters fees are due you will see a the submission flagged as UNPAID. Just click the ADD TO CART button to the top right and that will guide you to pay the appropriate songwriter fees. 

If you have completed all of the above items then we should have your release live shortly. You can check out what to expect next in THIS ARTICLE. 

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