I need to transfer an album from one account to another account, how do I do that?

In order to transfer an album to another account, we just need the account holder to verify information on both of the accounts and to ensure that we transfer everything correctly and we need it in writing. Please Submit a Request with the following information: 

**Artist name / Album Title to be moved**

Original account we are transferring the album FROM:
- Username
- Address
- phone number
- email address

Destination account we are transferring the album INTO:
- username
- address
- phone number
- email address

All of the accounting that an album has accrued before the transfer date will still be listed in the originating account, but the all of the sales from that point forth will be accounted for in the destination account.

*Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer CD Baby Pro submissions that have been finalized. We apologize for any inconvenience.*

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