Who do you consider the "songwriter/composer" and where do I enter that information in my account?

A "composer/songwriter" is someone who contributed to the writing of the music and/or lyrics of a composition/song.

If you're distributing a version of a song you did not write, to ensure quick distribution and legal compliance, it is important that you list the names of the original composers. To list the composer/songwriter names:

  1. Log into your CD Baby member account HERE.
  2. Click "VIEW/EDIT" next to the appropriate album/single.
  3. Click on the TRACKS & AUDIO header
  4. There you will see the Songwriter section where you can either click on the Songwriter name you currently have listed OR if you have not filled that out yet just click on the link that says "Songwriter/Composer is required for this type of submission" 
  5. This will direct you to the Track Information page where you can scroll down to the Songwriter Information section
  6. Here you will choose one of the songwriters listed in your Songwriter Bank OR you can add a songwriter to the bank by clicking on "Add New Songwriter" 
  7. To add the songwriter to the track just click on the "ADD TO THIS TRACK" button next to the appropriate Songwriter name

NOTE: Every songwriter name you have ever used on any submission in your CD Baby account will show in the Songwriter Bank. However this does not mean that those writers have been automatically assigned to your tracks. The one's that have actually been assigned to the track will show BELOW the Songwriter Bank, and will be indicated with a designation of "Added Below" in the Songwriter Bank. 

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