How do I list additional artists that are featured on particular tracks?

Compound Artist:

Only one performing artist name should be listed per artist name field. Having two or more performing artists listed in the same artist name field impairs an album's ability to appear correctly in search results as well as how it will display within our digital partners' stores.

When signing-up your album, use the "additional artist" icon to add more artist fields to correctly enter each performing artist separately as a primary artist. You can find the additional artist icon next to the artist name field and it looks like this: 

This does not apply to a group, which can be entered in its entirety in the same artist field.

EXAMPLE: Brooks & Dunn, Chris Robley & the Fear of Heights

This type of group name does not have to be separated into it's own artist field.

Featuring Artists:

If there are featuring artists on your album, they must be properly identified when you enter your album information during sign-up. To add featuring artists to a track, use the "additional artist" icon to add more artist fields and enter the featured artist name separately. When we deliver the album to our digital partners, the featuring artist name will correctly appear in the track title.

EXAMPLE: "Track Title (feat. This Artist)."

If there is more than one featured artist on a track, you can keep adding new artist fields using the "additional artist" icon. Multiple featured artists will be correctly listed in the track title when delivered to our digital partners.

EXAMPLE: "Track Title (feat. This Artist, That Artist & One Last Artist)."

How to add a Featuring artist to a track: 

To access the Track Information page where you can add featuring artist just follow these steps: 

  1. Log into your artist account
  2. Click on VIEW/EDIT 
  3. Click on Tracks and Audio
  4. Click on your artist name listed under the title of your track
  5. Scroll down to the artist information section 
  6. Click the "Additional Artist" icon next to the artist name

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