How do I add partner sites to my distribution, or change my distribution level?

If you have already finalized your album and it has been distributed to our partner sites you do still have the option to add more sites to your distribution or change your distribution level (i.e. going from Downloads Only to Downloads & Streaming). 

To request that you will need to log a trouble ticket in your account and you can do that by completing these steps: 

  1. Log into your CD Baby artist account 
  2. Click on the VIEW/EDIT button next to your album or single
  3. Click on the DISTRIBUTION header
  4. Click the REPORT TROUBLE button
  5. You can leave the "Choose a company where you have seen and confirmed the problem" set at "24-7" as this will be a change not pertaining to a certain partner. 
  6. Under "Type of problem" choose "Something else not covered by the rest"
  7. In the description you will need to add the following info
    • Mailing address on file
    • Clear instructions on which distribution level you would like to change to (Traditional, Everything that Pays, etc) or what sites you would like to add (iTunes, Amazon etc). 

Once you submit that request our digital team will follow up with you when they have made those changes to your distribution. 

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