Can I offer pre-sales for my music?

If you would like to have your album available for pre-sales before the actual release date we do offer that. 

However that can only be set up for digital sales only on the iTunes and Amazon platforms. We cannot offer physical or digital pre-sales on the CD Baby retail site or with any of our other partners besides iTunes and Amazon. 

If you would like to proceed with the pre-sale option for iTunes and Amazon here's how:


Any release that is delivered to Amazon before it's release date will show up at the outlet for digital sales about 1-2 weeks after you submit your final approval for delivery. If that is before your actual release date the page on Amazon will be available as a pre-sale but as "unavailable" for individual purchase of songs. A customer will be able to purchase the music but it won't be available for download until the specified release date. 

Here is an example of a pre-sale album on Amazon: 



If your album is eligible for iTunes pre-sales the submission process will include the info you need to fill out in order to set that up. If you do not see these options during the sign up process then your release is not eligible for the pre-sale option. See below for those eligibility requirements. 


1. Release date must be more than 7 days from "today" (i.e. the day you sign up).***

(***We actually recommend giving yourself at least a 30 day lead time to account for processing time, inspection, delivery, etc. It takes a minimum of 5 business days from the date of delivery for pre-sale albums to appear on iTunes. You will need to finalize and approve your album prior to delivery being started.)

2. Pre-sales period may be a minimum of one-week & a maximum of six months

(the time between when pre-order is activated on iTunes & the album is officially released everywhere).

3. Pre-sales are available for ALBUMS ONLY, NOT SINGLES  


Instant Gratification track

Pre-orders can have an "Instant Gratification" track which allows anyone to purchase the track in the iTunes store during the pre-order period, regardless of whether they pre-order the full album. You will have the option to select this track during the sign up process. 

Albums are only eligible for an instant gratification track if they have 11 or more tracks.

Instant gratification tracks must be less than 10 minutes in length.

The instant gratification track can never be changed or disabled once the listing has been delivered to iTunes.


Here's an example of an album live on iTunes for pre-sales with an instant gratification track: 


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