What types of royalties do you collect?

CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration collects the publisher’s share of performance and mechanical royalties for compositions on behalf of songwriters. We collect these from the US and abroad via Performing Rights Organizations and other collection agencies. We also collect the label portion of any unclaimed* non-interactive digital performance royalties for sound recordings from SoundExchange.

Performance royalty sources (included but not limited to):

  • Radio stations (terrestrial, satellite)
  • TV stations (network, cable)
  • Live venues (stadiums, bars, restaurants)
  • Online streaming services (Spotify)

Mechanical royalty sources (included but not limited to):

  • Interactive streaming services (Spotify)
  • Sales of music outside the US (iTunes, Amazon)

Any royalties relating to the recorded performance of a song (e.g. SoundExchange) is not part of revenue generated by CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration.

* We only collect unclaimed digital performance royalties for sound recordings. If you're already registered with SoundExchange, you will continue to be paid by them directly.

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