Why are there videos on YouTube for each of my songs?

As a CD Baby artist, signed up with us at the "Downloads and Streaming" level your albums and singles will be delivered to YouTube Music automatically.

With the YouTube music service they will create high quality album art videos called "Art Tracks," which play audio while displaying an image of your album cover.

You will receive revenue from streams of these videos just as you do with any of our other streaming partners.

Please keep in mind this is a separate service from your YouTube user account where you upload your own content. For this reason, because they are separate platforms within YouTube, we are unable to connect those videos to your user channel.

If you are not interested in being a part of this service, you are free to cancel delivery to YouTube Music just follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your CD Baby Artist account
  2. Click on the VIEW/EDIT button to the right of your single or album
  3. Click on the DISTRIBUTION header
  4. Click on Cancellation Options button
  5. From here you can choose to either cancel all digital distribution or choose to remove specific sites
  6. Once you click the option to remove specific sites you will be shown a list of the sites you are listed with and you will simply check off on the sites you would like to remove
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