Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists is a way for you to take control of your artist page and see who’s listening!

If you use CD Baby to upload your music to Spotify, you get instant access to sign up for Spotify for Artists once your content is delivered. When you get access to Spotify for Artists through CD Baby, you’re automatically verified on Spotify and your profile gets a blue verification check mark. Getting verified on Spotify lets your fans know that your artist profile belongs to you.

If you are not seeing your artist show up in the drop down menu, it could be:

  • Content just recently delivered to Spotify and the information has not yet processed on the Spotify side
  • You did not choose Spotify as one of their DD Partners
  • You have not given your final approval for digital distribution

If your artist is linked incorrectly with another artist:

This, unfortunately, is a common occurrence with bands/artists that have the same or similar names. However, we can get your album moved to its own page and away from the incorrect artist for most sites we work with. 

How to file an Artist Separation

You will need the following information to successfully request an artist separation:

    • The URL(s) of the ARTIST page(s) where you see your releases mixed in with the other artists'
    • The UPC of YOUR album(s)/single(s) (you can find this in your CD Baby account by clicking the link UPC Bar Code from your account dashboard.) If you need help, go here.

In order to have your music separated from the wrong artist page or moved from one artist page to another, use the Submit a Request page & choose Artist Separation Request from the drop-down. The ticket will be sent directly to our digital team, and they'll send you a reply once your request has been processed.

How to find the Artist URL on a partner site

On Spotify, you can obtain these URLs by right-clicking the artist name, then left-clicking "Share" and then left-clicking "Copy Artist Link."  


Learn more about Spotify for Artists features on their site here.



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