In 2016 CD Baby purchased, a company that allows you to make elegant, effective, and easy-to-use marketing campaigns for your music.

CD Baby artists can sign up for a free plan (instead of paying by the month!) by clicking the button on their dashboard, and then the CREATE MY ACCOUNT BUTTON. Please be sure to sign up via this button to get your free CD Baby service.

As a CD Baby artist, you can have two of the following campaign types active online at any time:

  • Email-for-Download — Build your email list by collecting emails in return for a free download of whatever you want to give away.
  • Social Unlock — Grow your following on Spotify, YouTube, Twitter or SoundCloud by creating a click-here-to-follow-button.
  • SoundCloud — Boost streams and fan conversions.
  • YouTube — Increase views and fan conversions.

Everything you need to get started can be found inside your new account, however if you have questions please click the support link inside your account or write to

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