Does CD Baby work with Pandora?

Pandora has started a new streaming music service called Pandora Plus which is an ad-free, non-interactive subscription radio service that will give users the ability to replay songs, skip more tracks, access stations offline, and more for just $4.99 a month.

This is a relaunch of the Pandora One service with new features, and all previous Pandora One subscribers will be transitioned to Pandora Plus automatically. You can check out our DIY Musician blog for more information about Pandora Plus.

If you have your Digital Distribution Level set at “Downloads and Streaming” we will automatically deliver your music to Pandora Plus (unless you choose to opt-out).

As with other CD Baby services, delivery of your music to Pandora Plus is non-exclusive, with no additional fees, and you retain all rights to your music.

Pandora Plus is curated, much like Pandora's main service, so this does not guarantee placement of your music within Pandora's interactive OR non-interactive platforms

This new partnership allows us to send your music to Pandora for consideration in inclusion in their radio service. We do not get informed if your music is accepted into the Pandora service. 

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