How to get your cover song license secured through CD Baby?

You can secure a license to sell your cover song directly through the CD Baby song registration process. We will handle locating and securing the appropriate license for your cover song, as well as paying out the associated licensing fee from each sale.

This option is limited to Standard Singles Only

When registering your track, if you indicate the release is a cover song you will be asked if you secured a mechanical license to sell the cover song.

If you indicate NO you will be taken through our internal process of securing a mechanical license.

In that process we will ask for information to help us identify your cover song to be sure we secure the correct licensing.

That information includes:

  • Original Song Title
  • Original Composer/ Songwriter
  • Original Performing Artist
  • Song Source Link (if you have a YouTube video or other link that will help us ID the song)
  • Song Source Notes (ie. If this is a song from a Broadway production, opera, motion picture etc.)

You will also be asked details about your specific recording of this track (album title, track title, artist name, track length). This information will help us determine the rate of your license fee.

Once you pay for your license it will be submitted for review and once approved you can then submit your title for distribution. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to regularly check your account for the status of your license as we will not email you when your license is approved or rejected. You will see that status of the license request on the Title Overview page. It takes about 10 business days for your license request to be approved/rejected. 


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