Why haven't I received the sales data from all territories of a partner site?

You may have recently noticed a delay on your Sales and Reports page in that you are getting sales reports from a certain region of one partner site, then weeks later the other regions of that same partner are reported. 

In an attempt to better import sales data we have broken up reports from our digital partner sites by territory. We then tapper out the reporting of each territory to your account. 

So if you are used to seeing all territories reported at once for a given month, don't worry those reports are coming. We are just reporting one territory to your account at a time. 

Here's an example of how that will look:

Week One: Sales from a given month for iTunes U.S. will be posted to your account.

Week Two: Sales from the same month for iTunes Canada will be posted to your account.

Week Three: Sale from the same month for iTunes Europe are added.

So in one week you will see a sales report from iTunes U. S., then the next week sales from iTunes Europe and so on. 

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