Submitting your music for the Grammy Awards

Essentially anyone (artist, composer, producer, engineer, arranger…) can become a member of the Grammys voting panel and submit content to be considered for a Grammy. However, that person cannot submit anything until they are a member. The link to apply to be a voting member for the Grammys is at the bottom of this page –

CD Baby does not play a direct role in our client’s submissions to the Grammys. We are merely the company that helps you have the distribution required to be eligible for the awards.

Deadline to Submit to the Grammys

The Grammys submissions always lay between Sept. and Oct. That means an album (or single) will need to have been released within 12 months of September for consideration. However the exact deadlines vary year to year and you are encourage to visit the FAQ on the Grammy website for the most up to date information:

How the Voting Process works

This link has a nice outline of the process:

CD Baby Grammy Award winners

Here's a few CD Baby Artist that have won Grammys in previous years: 

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