Can I sell my audiobook through CD Baby?

Although our services are primarily geared toward musicians, we're happy to help you sell your audiobook!

To get started, create an account at and click "add new title" from within your account dashboard. There are a few things you'll want to remember when filling out your submission.

Our Pro and Sync Licensing services

Our Pro and Sync Licensing services will not apply to you, since you are not submitting a musical work. When you click "Add New Title" you will be asked if you want to sell an album (multiple tracks) or a single (just one track), then if you'd like to submit as Standard or Pro- here you'll want to select Standard.

Later in the submission process, you'll have the option to opt in to our Sync Licensing program, and you will NOT need to opt into this service. Sync Licensing is an opportunity for musicians to monetize their work, however this service does not apply to an audiobook because it is not a musical work.

Genre Category

You will also be asked to select genre categories for your audiobook. You will want to select "Spoken Word" as your genre, and you may select "Audiobook" as your subgenre. You may select a second subgenre under the "Spoken Word" category based on whichever selection best applies to your work.

Digital Distribution Options

On the "Distribution Options" page of your submission, you will be given the option to have your music delivered to Streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. This means that customers will be able to listen to your audiobook without purchasing it for download. You may certainly opt to have your content delivered to those sites if you'd like, however keep in mind those sites are primarily for music streaming and do not directly support audiobook content. If you do not wish to offer your audiobook on streaming sites, select the "Downloads Only" distribution level on that page.

Pricing on our partner sites

Your entire book will be for sale based on a 99¢ per track download price. Any track/chapter of your book will be available individually for 99¢ unless that track is over 10 minutes in length. Tracks over 10 minutes will sell at the "Album Only" price.

Placement in Audiobook section of our partner sites

Lastly, we unfortunately are not able to place your submission in the Audiobook sections of our partner sites, simply because we are a music distributor and have partnerships with music outlets. We do try to accommodate audiobook submissions the best we can, and placing your content under the "Spoken Word" category will be the most appropriate location for your content on our site and partner sites based on how we are able to distribute content.

We CANNOT send Audiobooks to iTunes or Amazon

We unfortunately are not able to distribute audiobook content to iTunes or Amazon.

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