How long should it take to upload my audio files?

The time it takes to upload your audio files to us depends on a number of factors which include:

1. Format (WAV/FLAC/MP3)

The larger the format, the longer it will take. WAV will take the longest since it's the largest, FLAC typically will be the second fastest and finally MP3 will be the fastest.

2. File Size

A larger file size will take a longer time to upload. 

3. Internet Connection Speed

The slower the connection, the longer it will take. Dial up will be very slow, DSL or cable are generally faster.  Another important thing to note is how many users are on your connection. Some neighborhoods are over-subscribed such that a lot of people are downloading or uploading files at the same time which would slow down your overall connection. 

4. How congested your internet connection is

EXAMPLE: Are you streaming Netflix while uploading, etc. 

5. Location

The farther away you are from our server in Portland, Oregon then the higher chance of slow upload time. 

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