Amazon Disc on Demand

You are seeing a CD purchase option on your Amazon page as a result of our new Disc on Demand service through Createspace!

This program can offer you a number of benefits which include:

  • Physical CD sales available on demand, 24/7, when a fan wants to buy from Amazon
  • Prime eligible purchases for Amazon customers (which offers free shipping to its members)
  • Earn revenue from physical sales without any upfront manufacturing costs
  • You keep 91% of net revenue

Those CDs will be priced at $9.99 on Amazon, unfortunately we don't have a way to change this price. After they take a portion of that sale to cover the cost of manufacturing, $3.99 will be paid to us, and we will take our 9% commission (the same as any digital sale that occurs). So that's $3.63 paid to you for each Disc on Demand sale. You can see these sales listed in your "Sales & Accounting" overview under "DD Sales by Partner" (partner name Amazon Disc-On-Demand).

Opting out of Disc on Demand

Not a fan of this service? No hard feelings, just submit a request with the info below and we can remove you from the program. 

  • Artist Name
  • Album Name
  • UPC Code



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