I’m already collecting ad revenue on my own YouTube channel. Will you now take a commission on that?

If you are already making money from monetizing your YouTube channel you have the following options with our YouTube Monetization program:

  • Keep things simple and let us take over the management of ad revenues for your YouTube channel. There are no payout thresholds to meet when you go through CD Baby.
  • If you would like to monetize the videos we have claimed, you can dispute our claim. Within the dispute please include the following note: "My name is (Name), I am a CD Baby artist (username) and I wish to handle my own monetization on this video.". Our content ID analysts will review all the disputes received.**  

** Please note that someone who has your permission to use your content in their video, and monetize it on their own, will need to dispute the claim in the similar way. It is highly recommended in this type of case that the video creator provides license copy, contact info, source links, anything that our content ID team can reference over such permission. 

  • Opt-out of CD Baby’s YouTube monetization program. However, this will remove your music from YouTube’s Content ID system that enables you to make money off of other videos on YouTube that are using your music. 
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