How do I get paid for my music on YouTube Music?

There are two ways to make money off your music on You Tube:

1. YouTube Music

If you're distributing your music to streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify, your albums and singles will be delivered to YouTube Music automatically. With YouTube Music they will create high quality album art videos called "Art Tracks," which play audio while displaying an image of your album cover.

These videos are available not only to YouTube Red subscribers, but also as standard ad-supported content accessible on Revenue for Art Tracks activity through YouTube Red will be paid to you by CD Baby just like a stream on Spotify or Apple Music, and you'll be able to view details in the accounting section of your CD Baby member account.

2. Sync Licensing through YouTube Monetization

If you are opted into our Sync Licensing program then your music will be matched with the YouTube content ID system. With that YouTube will be able to find every video that uses your music and when the video is found an ad will be placed on that video. This will include content you have uploaded yourself as well as videos submitted from other users. As the artist you will get a portion of the ad share revenue and those funds will be added to your CD Baby account balance. 

You can opt into our Sync Licensing program by logging into your account and clicking on Add/Manage Sync Licensing. 


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