The New Title Overview Page is Replacing the Album/Single Edit Menu

We will be soon implementing some re-vamps to the CD Baby submission process.

Previously when clicking on the VIEW/EDIT button next to your album or single you would be directed to the Album Edit Menu, which looks like this:


This section will soon be replaced with the Title Overview page which looks like this:

The same functionality is in place as the previous Album Edit Menu and we have simply streamlined and reorganized the information so it is easier to navigate.

If you are in the process of completing the submission you can get back to the Title Overview page at any time by clicking the "Back To Title Overview" button that appears in the top left of each screen.

The Title Overview is broken out into the following sections:

1) Summary Box

This will show a brief summary of the basic info about your album/single which includes the following:

  • Artist Name
  • Record Label
  • UPC 
  • Release Dates 
  • Genres/Mood/Style
  • Album Language 
  • Artist Location 
  • Artist Sounds Like

If you need to edit any of this info simply click on that item and you will be directed to the appropriate page where you can do that.

There is also a sub menu in that section for:

  • Album/Single Description
  • Album/Single Notes 

To edit those sections simply click the arrow next to either header.

2) Tracks

This will show a summary of your track list with the following items available for editing:

  • Composition Type (original, cover, public domain)
  • Parental Advisory (for explicit content) 
  • Studio or Live Recording
  • Available for Sale (to allow individual track downloads)
  • Audio file
  • ISRC
  • Performance Language 
  • Songwriter Publisher Info

If you need to edit the number of tracks on your album then you can click the "Add Remove Tracks/Volumes" button at the top of this section

3) Distribution

In this section you can choose how you want your music distributed through our service.

Here you can modify or view the following setting for DIGITAL SALES:

  • What digital partner sites you want your release sent to
  • The partner delivery status (what sites have received your music)
  • Digital territory restrictions

This also allows you to manage the settings for PHYSICAL SALES which include

  • Opting IN/OUT of wholesale distribution
  • Setting wholesale discounts 

4) Selling on CD

Here you can adjust the settings for your sales page on the CD Baby retail site. Do note these settings would have no effect on our partner sites.

Here you can edit:

  • Digital Album and Track Pricing
  • Physical Pricing 
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Adding links to your album page 
  • Track Preview Lengths
  • View your Web Hits (see how many people have viewed your CD Baby page) 
  • Opt in/out of the $5 Sale Bin

5) YouTube/Sync Licensing

In this section you will have the option to opt in or out of our sync licensing program.

6) Progress Tracker

To the right of the Title Overview page you can keep track of the progress of the release as it moves through our system. Just like a pizza!




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