What kind of information belongs in my "Description" and "Notes" section of my album/single?

There are no rules to what you can add to the descriptive sections on your page. Just make sure that whatever you write is captivating (and TRUE!). Grab the reader's attention and leave an impression so that they'll want to click to hear the sample clips. Be sure to use some keywords, though, because your style description will be searchable. You can change the text at any time, so try out a few different approaches and see what works.

You can access the area to edit your description by following these steps:

  • log into your account
  • click on VIEW/EDIT next to your album or single 
  • click on Album/Single Description
    • This edits the text that shows ABOVE your track list
    • This area should be used for a few short sentences about your release
  • OR click on Album/Single Notes
    • This edits the text that shows BELOW your track list
    • This is for a longer description of your album and can include things like musician credits lyrics etc. 


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