What do I need to know about sample audio clips on your site?

Every album on has samples for customers to listen to before buying.

You have the option of setting the clip to run for a short sample (29.5 seconds) or to play the full song. To adjust this setting: 

  1. log into your account 
  2. click on VIEW/EDIT 
  3. click on "Selling on CD Baby"
  4. click on "Edit Track Preview Lengths"
  5. choose "Clip" or "Full Track" 
  6. click on "Continue"

If you choose the clip option we start the clips at 48 seconds into each song unless you specify otherwise.

You can request custom start times for your clips by emailing us at

When you email your start times make sure to do so in SECONDS. So if you want a sample to start at 2:04 (two minutes and four seconds) you'd tell us 124 seconds.

You also have the option to have no samples listed on your sales page. To request that just shoot us a call or email. 

DO NOTE: If your track is marked as a COVER SONG we will only be able to post the 29.5 clip due to licensing issues. 

We do not have the ability to set custom samples on our digital partner sites. 

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