How many copies of my physical product should I send in?

To start your submission please mail ONLY 5 retail-ready copies of your album.

"Retail-ready" means your physical product is assembled in its case and shrink wrapped if possible, ready to be sold to customers right away.

If you've uploaded your album cover artwork, the covers of your physical product MUST MATCH the image you uploaded.

We cannot accept plain discs without album cover artwork.

When we email you requesting more, please only send the number of copies we ask for. If you think we are going to need more, we understand. There are exceptions ("Help! We're going to be on The Tonight Show tomorrow!") - so if you have an extreme situation please call/email us first.

Our goal is to have a 2-3 month supply so you won't have to go to the post office every week. If you're selling copies like hotcakes, our inventory guru will advise you on how many to send.

If you send way too many (like if our guru requested 3 CDs and you mailed us 25) we will have to ship 22 CDs back to you (at your expense) or recycle them — and that makes us so sad. We love all of our artists and want to give everyone a fair shake (and space on our shelves).

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