How do I submit a Mastered for iTunes album?

Essentially what you will do is sign up two versions of the album with CD Baby, one that will use 16 bit 44.1 kHz files and will be used for CD Baby and all of our partners except for iTunes, and another version that will then use the 24 bit audio files for iTunes (keep in mind this means 2 paid submissions). You will also need a unique barcode for the MFiT release (2 paid barcodes total). So in total this requires 2 paid submissions and 2 paid barcodes.

NOTE: If you want CD Baby Pro, only sign up the 16-bit submission for Pro and sign up the MFiT submission for Standard. Alternatively, if you’re ONLY interested in distribution to iTunes/Apple Music, then one Standard submission/UPC will suffice.

Setting Up Your Submissions

For the first submission, you will need to be sure to exclude iTunes when you are setting the digital distribution level.

For the second submission, you will exclude ALL other companies aside from iTunes. You will still fill out all of the songwriter, language, publisher, and other information and upload the Artwork. You will simply not upload the audio. Those will be sent in a special way (which is detailed below)

When setting up the submission for the MFiT audio, on the Distribution Options page, be sure to check ONLY the box for “Apple iTunes.” Please note that if you want to include Apple Music, you MUST select “Downloads & Streaming” and still uncheck everything but “Apple iTunes.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for a title to be labeled as "Mastered for iTunes," the mastering house you are using must be on the MFiT Providers List. Ask your mastering house if you’re not sure. 

Sending the Files to CD Baby

Once the MFiT submission is in place and paid for you will send us a link to the 24 bit files and we will manually make the delivery to iTunes.

Please include the following information in an e-mail to

- CD Baby Username:
- UPC for the MFiT submission:
- Artist Name:
- Album or Single Title:
- Name of Mastering House:
- Mastering Engineer’s Name:
- Engineer's Email Address:
- MFiT files download link:

You can use whatever file transfer service you prefer – DropBox, Hightail, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.

We will reply as soon as we can, but please allow for 7 days, as this is a manual and labor-intensive process. It doesn’t always take that long, but please allow for that much time.

Mastering Houses Looking to Become Certified for MFiT

If an Engineer or Mastering House wants to become certified they can submit their information to CD Baby via this form.

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