Can I join CD Baby Pro if I'm already with ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN or a different Performing Rights Organization?

Yes. CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration acts only as your publishing administrator, meaning we are complimentary to your existing affiliation with ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN or a different Performing Rights Organization.

Once you're with CD Baby Pro Publishing, the publisher's share of any performance royalties will be sent to CD Baby by your Performing Rights Organization.We also collect a lot of your international performances royalties at the source (in the other countries). Direct international collection allows for us to collect your royalties as quickly and accurately as possible without relying on additional intermediates, who will deduct additional fees.  We then combine these performance royalties with any other royalties (e.g. mechanicals, etc.) and distribute to you in one payment

NOTE: The domestic and international writer's share of public performance royalties will always be sent to you directly by your PRO.

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