What happened to the MusicStore for Facebook?

Our Music Player offers all the same great stuff the MusicStore for Facebook did, PLUS analytics. So one player can be used across multiple platforms, not just Facebook, and your fans and the press can embed your player on their own sites too. Besides, Facebook was making changes so often that it became impossible to support both our MusicStore for Facebook AND the Music Player. Your existing MusicStores should not be effected by this change, but if Facebook makes any further updates that sever the connection, we will not be able to resuscitate your MusicStore. At that point (if not sooner), it’ll be time to switch over to our Music Player.

If you need to remove the CD Baby MusicStore app from your Facebook page: 

Log in to your Facebook account and remove the MusicStore app/tab. Then be sure to add one of our awesome Music Players! 

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