How should I format the album title of a Classical album?

The album title for a Classical album should include the last name of the composer, followed by the work title. (It is also acceptable to use the first initial of the composer followed by the last name, followed by the work title.)

For example:

Mozart: "Toy" Symphony in G Major
J. Bach: Trio sonata in C Minor

If there are two composers and the work is in the same genre and/or style of pieces, then both composers can be listed before the work title.

For example:

Mozart & Haydn: String Quartet

If the pieces are different from each other, then they must be separated by a hyphen.

For example:

Allegri: Miserere – Palestrina: Missa Papae Marcelli

If there are different works by many composers on an album, then all composers should be listed in the work title.

For example:

Composer 1: Piece – Composer 2: Piece – Composer 3: Piece

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