My album has songs over 10 minutes long, will they be available for $0.99?

Most digital retailers do not take into consideration track length when pricing songs in their store.

For example:

If you submit an album with one track that is one hour in length, it will download for the same price as a 2-3 minute song.

Some services can make an exception, and will offer such songs as "Album Only" (meaning that the song can only be purchased with the rest of the album as a whole), and iTunes™ even does it automatically for all songs over 10 minutes long.

It's very important that you when you're signing up your album you indicate if you have any special needs for songs of extended length. You can do this on the "Extended Track Pricing" page in the sign up section. We can then set up your album so that it is delivered only to sites that allow for "Album Only" classification.

Unfortunately, if arrangements aren't made before the album is delivered, all songs over 10 minutes long will download at a standard price everywhere but iTunes™.

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