How should I mail my physical stock to you?

Please be sure to pack your items with sufficient padding in a sturdy box and use the best shipping method you can afford. Corners of cardboard CD sleeves and vinyl sleeves bend easily, so you may want to reinforce your packaging around these areas.

We cannot accept product that is marked as promotional material, e.g. holes punched through the barcode, case, or artwork; inked or scratched out barcodes; or notches cut out of the case spine and artwork. In addition, the words “promotional copy” cannot appear anywhere on the product.

If your items arrive damaged we will not be able to use them as sellable inventory and will not be able to return them to you.

Don't use expensive express mail unless you're backordered. Save the money. We want you to make a profit.

If you are going to send payment in the same package as CDs, be sure to put the payment between CD cases, and put a rubber band around the CDs.


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