Do I need to have separate submissions for my CD/Digital Download and vinyl record?

If your track list is different for your physical product & digital distribution, then yes, you will need to sign them up as separate submissions.

If you would like to digitally distribute the exact same track list as your physical release, then you may list your download and physical sales under the same submission. 

For a vinyl submission you will need to send us artwork & audio for the submission through the uploader located in your member account.

If you cannot use the uploader, please send us an image that we can scan. This must be the size of a CD so it can fit on our scanner. In addition to that you will need to send a regular audio CD that is playable on a standard CD player with all of the tracks of the album in the correct order, then we can manually process the audio. 

Please note that you can only sell one PHYSICAL format per submission. So if you'd like to sell CDs and vinyl, you would need to create two submissions, one for the vinyl and one for the CD. Then you can add the digital sales to one of those listings. Do note this will require that you have a different UPC for the CD and vinyl products. 

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