How to set up Physical Sales on CD Baby

During the sign up process you will be asked how you want to sell your album. You will see this on the first page of the submission process under "How Do You Want To Sell" 

If you wish to offer physical sales of your release you can check the box next to physical and then choose the type of format you wish to sell with us. 

You can also add physical sales to an album that is already for sale with us as a digital download. There is no additional fee to do this and you can add this to your listing by following these steps: 

  1. Log into your artist account 
  2. Click on VIEW/EDIT next to your album name
  3. Click on DISTRIBUTION
  4. Click on the "ADD PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION" button
  5. On the next screen scroll down to the section that says "How Do You Want to Sell" and check the box next Physical
  6. Choose the appropriate format (CD, DVD, Vinyl)
  7. Click on Save and Continue

Once you have added physical sales to your listing simply mail us 5 copies of the product and then we will activate that purchase option on your CD Baby page once we receive the stock from you. 

The address to send your stock to is: 

13909 NE Airport Way 
Portland, OR 97230

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will not automatically print stock for you when you sign up for distribution.

In order to have stock available in our warehouse you will need to do one of the following:

  • Mail us with the stock you have already manufactured (see further info HERE).
  • Have CDs printed through our sister duplication service (see further info HERE).
  • Opt into our Disc on Demand service through Createspace (see further info HERE).



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