Landr Audio Mastering

What is it?

LANDR is a mastering service that gives you instant access to pro-sounding audio. They’ve simplified the mastering process with drag-and-drop functionality, achieving results that rival professional studio work in minutes. This opens up a world of possibilities for producers: master your demos before sharing them, drop in full-length DJ mixes or live recordings, make a track on the road and have it mastered in time for your gig the same night, and more.

If you've decided to use the service, here's what you can expect!

From the Landr mastering page in CD Baby Members, you'll upload a track to preview:



Once uploaded, the mastering will begin:



Then, you can preview!



If you like it, click to buy and navigate through the check out process:




You can access your mastered tracks on the Landr Mastering page in CD Baby Members:



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