Adding the CD Baby Music Player to a Facebook Page

As of February 9th 2016 we will no longer be offering support for our Facebook Music Store App. The music store will remain live on your Facebook page after this date but you will no longer be able to make edits to the player and it may lose parts of it functionality which we will not be able to resolve. In lieu of that you do have the option to add an App to your Facebook page that will allow you to embed HTML and therefore add the CD Baby Music Player to your Facebook page. That App is called Thunderpenny Static HTML and you can add that to your Facebook page by following the below steps. (You can also check out a useful "HOW TO" video at this link:


1. First create the Music Player in your CD Baby account (to set that up log into your members account and click on "MUSIC PLAYER")

2. In a separate browser tab or window visit the Thunderpenny app page ( and click the button that says “Add static HTML to a Page.” You’ll need to log in to the Facebook account associated with the Page you’d like this app and Music Player added to.

  1. Select which Facebook Page you want to add the Music Player to.

This will create a new tab on your Facebook Page, with a default title of “Welcome.” Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to change this title later in the instructions

  1. Click “Set up tab”. This is where you replace all existing text (“To start using this app…”) with the CD Baby Embed Code.

  1. Copy the Embed Code for your CD Baby Music Player and paste it into the Content section of your Thunderpenny app. Hit “Preview” to see what your Music Player will look like.

6. If the player looks like it should, click “Save & Publish” and then “View on Facebook”. 

How to change the default “Welcome” tab title:

1. From your band page on Facebook and click on "Settings” at the top right 

2. Click on "APPS" to the left

3. Under "Static HTML: iframe tabs" click EDIT SETTINGS

4. Type in your desired tab name then click "Save" then "OK"

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