How long does it take for my payment to arrive?

The time it takes for your payment to arrive really depends on the payment method you chose. If you haven't received the payment yet, there are a few reasons why that might be.

Paper Check:


We send out paper checks on Mondays via USPS standard mail so you should get that within about 1-2 weeks if you are in the US. If you live outside of the US your check can take up to 4 weeks to arrive. 

If you did not receive your check: 

First make sure that the address we have on file for you is correct. You can view or update that by following these steps:

  1. Log into your CDBaby members account at
  2. Click the "Payment Info" Link. 
  3. Update your payment info as needed
  4.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save and Continue"

Once we have the correct address on file you can contact us to request that we resend the check. But the bank won't let us do that until 30 days after it was originally issued. Please request to have your check re-issued once that time has passed. 


ACH/Direct Deposit/Payoneer :


2-3 business days for clients in the US and clients using Payoneer. 

5 – 7 business days for clients outside of the US (though in some cases it may be a longer waiting period of up to 30 days)

If you have not received your ACH/direct deposit/Payoneer

If the bank account we sent your payment to is now closed, the bank will just return the money to us and we'll add it right back to your CD Baby account balance so it can be included in your next payment.  We'll send you an email notification when the payment is returned so you can update your payment info. 

If you have not received email notice by within a week of us sending a payment to a closed account please contact us and we can assist you in recovering this payment. 

In the meantime it is best to update your info so the next payment goes to the right place. To update that just log into your CD Baby account and click PAYMENT INFO.

Unfortunately, once we send the payment notification email the payment has already been initiated and we are unable to stop or change it. 




Paypal payments from CD Baby can take about 2 to 7 business days to arrive, from the date you receive the notification email.

If you have not received your PayPal payment: 

We have to wait for 30 days to pass from when the payment was originally sent and PayPal will then return the funds to us, at which point we can re-issue. Please contact us after that 30 day period to request for this payment to be re-issued. 

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