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Apple Music is the on-demand streaming service offered by iTunes. If you’re listed with us at the download and streaming level of distribution your music will already be at Apple Music. If you are distributing through CD Baby but haven’t made your music available via streaming services, just change your distribution settings within your CD Baby account. (Do note if your album is already finalized you will need to email us in order to change your distribution option. )

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With Apple Music you will have access to customize your Apple Music artist profile through Connect! Connect is Apple Music’s bridge between artists and fans. With Connect, artists can share songs, photos, lyrics, videos, and more. Fans can comment on, like, and share that content through Messages, Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can click the link below to request to manage your artist profile with Apple:

Furthermore, you will also be included in Beats 1 a 24/7, ad-supported, worldwide radio station available through Apple Music that is curated by actual human beings (including celebrity DJs like Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, and Julie Adenuga), not algorithms.

Apple Music is a subscription ONLY service (i.e. no free ad supported version) priced at $9.99 per month (though you can try it out for free for 3 months). There is also a family plan for $14.99 per month that gives you up to six separate user accounts.

One important thing to note: Apple Music is a slightly different offering from iTunes, though your iTunes playlists and such will be accessible when using Apple Music. Customers who prefer to download music can continue to do so through the iTunes Store. Customers who prefer streaming can use Apple Music. And you’re welcome to use both. 

You can see the FAQ posted by Apple Music here :

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