Can I use CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration? Where is it available?

CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration is currently available in the following countries and territories with many more coming soon. If you write or co-write songs and live in one of the following places, you can sign up for the CD Baby Pro publishing service. If you are already with a performing rights organization, we will administer that publishing membership. If you aren’t already with a Performing Rights Organization, you will need to join one of the organizations as a songwriter. Below lists which organization you should join for your location. Please note that it can take several weeks for a Performing Rights Organization to finalize your application. Please contact that organization if you need to inquire about your membership application status.


Country/ Territory Performing Rights Organization (PRO) Organization Info Join
Aruba BUMA Join BUMA
Austria AKM Join AKM
Canada * SOCAN Join SOCAN
Curacao BUMA Join BUMA
Czech Republic OSA Join OSA
Denmark KODA Join KODA
Faroe Islands KODA Join KODA
French Guyana SACEM Join SACEM
French Polynesia SACEM Join SACEM
Greece AEPI Join AEPI
Greenland KODA Join KODA
Guadeloupe SACEM Join SACEM
Ireland IMRO Join IMRO
Luxembourg SACEM Join SACEM
Martinique SACEM Join SACEM
Netherlands BUMA Join BUMA
New Caledonia SACEM Join SACEM
Norway TONO Join TONO
Sint Maarten BUMA Join BUMA
Sweden STIM Join STIM
Switzerland SUISA Join SUISA
United Kingdom PRS Join PRS
United States * ASCAP Join ASCAP
United States * BMI Join BMI
United States * SESAC Join SESAC
Wallis and Futuna SACEM Join SACEM


* CD Baby can affiliate you directly in the US (ASCAP, BMI) and Canada (SOCAN) to a Performing Rights Organization. If you are already affiliated with them, we will start administering your songs with your Performing Rights Organization.




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