I spelled one of my track titles wrong, can this be fixed with digital distribution partners?

We are able to make a few very small corrections with most of our partners. If you notice something wrong with one of your albums on a partner site, please file a ticket so we can address that problem. 

To file a trouble ticket:

  1. Log into your CD Baby account
  2. Click on VIEW/EDIT next to your album or single 
  3. Click on Distribution header
  4. Click the Report Trouble button
  5. Fill out the form on that page and submit 

Please note that we can make some corrections to the text on the partner page, we cannot not make any changes to the album. For example: if your track title is misspelled, our partners will let us fix that. If you want to change your artist name or artwork to something new, you would need to submit a new album.

But don't worry! Before we send your album off to our partners, not only do we inspect it closely to be sure that all the info is correct (publishers, composers, bar code), we give you a final chance to approve all your album info. Once you've approved your digital distribution summary, the info is locked for our partners.

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