How do I find my Sales and Accounting breakdown?

You can look up a summary of the sales of your music in your CD Baby account.

To do so just follow these steps: 

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on the Sales and Reports button located on the main Dashboard page
  3. Click on Sales and Accounting
  4. To the left hand side of the next page is a menu for Sales History

To see your digital distribution partner sales (i.e. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify):

Click the DD SALES - BY ARTIST link. Clicking the green PLUS sign next to the artist name will expand to show the albums and singles by that artist. Those results can then be expanded again to show song breakdowns.

To see your CD Baby direct sales

Click the CD BABY SALES (ALL) link. To the upper-right hand corner of this page is a button that says FILTER YOUR SALES. Click that to expand your sales filtering options.


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