Who is responsible for submitting a setlist?

For each performance, one setlist needs to be submitted for your Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O.). If your co-writers are with your same P.R.O. then only one person needs to submit. If your co-writers are with a different P.R.O., then they would also need to submit to get their royalties. In most cases, only a performing songwriter is eligible to submit a setlist, but it varies depending on your territory and affiliate P.R.O.  In the US, currently setlists can only be submitted via the songwriter’s account so CD Baby Pro Publishing is unable to submit them for you. No matter who submits the setlist, all songwriters and publishers involved with the registered work will be paid out according to the song splits.


CD Baby will not be able to provide you information about the status of your setlist submission or its payment. Please contact your Performing Rights Organization for any questions you have.


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