How do I submit for and get my live performance royalties from concerts I play?

In order to receive performance royalties from concerts you play you need to submit the list of songs you performed at any given concert, gig, or live performance, otherwise known as a “setlist” to your affiliated Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O.). Venues, bars and restaurants license music from the P.R.O. to play in their establishments. If you perform registered works in those establishments, you are entitled these publishing royalties. Submitting your setlists and other performance information allows your P.R.O. to track and pay you the royalties you earn from each live performance.


Most PROs will have a portal within your songwriter account where you are able to input live performance information. The process varies depending on your P.R.O., but in each case you will fill out a form with basic information regarding your performance including setlist, date & time, and location. Every song that you perform should be included in your setlist. This includes unregistered works as well as cover songs. Unregistered works are unable to generate earnings until they are registered. Earnings generated from performing cover songs are to be paid to the songwriters and publishers affiliated with the song(s).


In the CD Baby Pro Publishing Hub, you will see a link to your Performing Rights Organization where you should submit your setlist in order to collect your live performance royalties. A complete list of of P.R.O. websites CD Baby works with, go here:


CD Baby will not be able to provide you information about the status of your setlist submission or its payment. Please contact your Performing Rights Organization for any questions you have about submitting or payments.

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