How do I add my music to your Spotify Playlist?

Thanks for your interest in submitting for CD Baby’s playlists. We’re glad you’re enjoying the selections, and encourage you to follow the playlists, and especially to follow the indie artists you discover on them. Before you submit, there’s a few things you should do to dial in your presence on the service, and make your tracks more attractive to playlist curators (both Spotify’s own team, and other external curators.) The most important is claiming your Spotify Artists profile, as submissions for CD Baby playlists won’t be considered unless you have claimed this profile.

Download our Spotify playlisting guide

Once you’ve claimed your profile (and hopefully started some playlists of your own!) you should add a track or two to the CD Baby Mixtape playlist — a collaborative playlist of CD Baby artists, sharing their music with each other:

(Be sure to listen to some other CD Baby artists while you’re there, and of course, follow the playlist!)

Now that you’ve gotten through all that, below is a link to submit your music for consideration on CD Baby playlists. Please bear in mind that each playlist has its own curation guidelines, so if you’re not added it might just be that the track wasn’t a good fit, and doesn’t mean it’s not a great song!


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