Overstock Returns

What are Overstock Returns?

-Returns of surplus inventory from our warehouse for titles that have not sold in at least a year


Can I have you recycle my stock instead of paying to send it back?

-Yes, when you receive and overstock notification, you will have 30 days within which to let us know if you'd prefer us to recycle the discs or if you'd like to pay the shipping to have them mailed to you.


How much will shipping cost?

-Shipping costs our standard rate per disc, depending on the method you choose.  You can see that information here.


How long do I have to let you know?

-You have 30 days from the date the email was sent


I just sent you inventory, are you going to mail it right back to me?

-Not in most cases.  If we've asked you for inventory, and you've sent the amount we ask for, your title is likely selling.  The titles eligible for overstock returns are those that have not sold in over a year.

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