It says I don't have a collecting songwriter, but I do!

If you have previous "Standard" releases, but this is a new "Pro" release, you need to add a second version of the songwriter already listed. The end result will be two versions of the songwriter in the Songwriter Bank—one non-collecting version for your Standard submission, and another Pro version that has a "$" next to it. For all Pro releases, you will use the version with a "$" next to it, indicating the songwriter is opted in to royalty collection.

Here are the instructions on how to do so:

1. Log into your artist account ( and click on the 'view/edit' button beside the album
2. Scroll down to “Tracks” and click “Songwriter” under the first track. This will take you to your songwriter bank.
3. Click on 'Add New Songwriter' in the Songwriter Information section of that page
4. Type in the songwriter's full legal name
5. Enter the songwriter's country of residence
6. Click on 'Yes' for the Royalty Collection question

You will then see the songwriter with a **$** sign right beside it. Fill out the percentages and indicate if that track has a publisher or not.

If all information is the same for each track, you can click on 'apply this information to all tracks' then hit 'save and continue'.

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