Why can't I get my name spelled right on the site?

Our digital partners are very specific about their casing requirements. They Require Standard Casing Which is Every Word Capitalized Except Small Words Like and or it. Our system is set to follow these guidelines and for that reason, we would need to manually correct it on our end. Creative Casing or ALL CAPS is only allowed when it is a known name and/or an abbreviation that you can prove (ABBA, LOL), or for a well-established artist name (AC/DC, MGMT).​

That said, our digital partners do not allow creative casing unless there is a substantial online presence of your artist name branded as such. 

An exception​ to this rule is only made for artist names if they are well established with online footprint including official website and other prominent well-visited examples that can be cited.​ We need further online presence to override our digital partner's​ formatting guidelines for your artist name stylization.

If you feel you have sufficient online presence, please provide us with as much of the following information as possible: 

- A Wikipedia page

- An artist/musician Facebook page with more than 100 likes,

- A YouTube Video with more than 100 views

- An official artist website, An

- An All Music Guide artist listing or a music site reviewing your content that can point to your artist name being established with this casing. 

Please submit this request with the subject line "Casing Web Presence". Once we get those links we will run it by our inspector team to see if we can make that change. 


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