CD Baby Experts - Directly

When you contact CD Baby support, your email may first be routed to an Expert who can quickly answer your question. If your question cannot be answered by an Expert, that Expert will route your question back to the CD Baby Support team for resolution.  All responses to member questions from Experts will be clearly indicated as originating from a CD Baby community member rather than a CD Baby staff member.

Experts are CD Baby members selected from the CD Baby community -- based on their activity and level of engagement with CD Baby-- who are assisting the CD Baby Artist Support team in answering incoming member questions.

Our goal with this program is to get your support issue resolved quickly and accurately. By allowing the members of the CD Baby community to support other members, we can provide better, faster support to our artists!

CD Baby Experts are available to answer basic questions about using CD Baby. Questions will be primarily how-to's like the following:

  • How do I log in?
  • How do I view sales reports?
  • Can I sign up new submissions in my existing account?
  • What is the digital distribution timeline?
  • How do I update my account to my new address?


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