How can I collect live performance royalties for my gigs?

Do you make original music? Do you play that music live? If so, every time you play one of your original songs at a music venue, bar, or restaurant, you can earn publishing royalties that are an additional live music revenue stream to what you're already earning through concert tickets, bar sales, or tips.

In order to collect these live performance royalties, you have to tell your Performing Rights Organization (such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) about the shows you're playing, and the list of songs you play each night. If the show is outside the USA, you need to submit to your own P.R.O., who will then route your performance notification to the appropriate country’s P.R.O. Your royalty would then flow from the foreign P.R.O. to your P.R.O. for them to distribute it to you. If you aren’t a member of a Performing Rights Organization, you can join CD Baby Pro Publishing to get started!

To submit your USA set lists, visit your P.R.O.'s live performance royalty portal:

ASCAP OnStage —
BMI Live —
SESAC Live Performance Royalties —

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