YouTube and CD Baby Pro Publishing

Question: I’ve found videos on YouTube that use my music or cover my songs. How do I make sure I am getting all of my money on YouTube for it?

Answer: With CD Baby Pro Publishing, you make money for the usage of your music on ANY YouTube video – be it the recording or just the song itself being covered. You can even encourage more of your fans to cover your songs in videos on YouTube.
In order to make sure you are getting all of the money for these covers of your songs, please let us know by filling out this form.
Please note: When we claim a YouTube video in order to monetize it on your behalf, the user who uploaded the video will receive a notice that their video has been claimed by CD Baby and they will also be unable to monetize the video themselves. They should not dispute the claim, as this will delay your earnings on the video. The claim will NOT affect their channel's standing with YouTube in any way.  Please allow 3 weeks for the claim to make it through YouTube’s Content ID system.

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