I am not a CD Baby artist and I received a claim that is false

You may be receiving this claim because an artist who participates in our sync licensing program, which monetizes third party content, mistakenly submitted music which may contain elements that are royalty free loops, or from works currently in the public domain.

We will request that our sync licensing partner get that erroneous claim removed from your video(s) as soon as possible.

This removal should take effect within five business days, however if it doesn’t, please let us know.

In addition, we would like to review the conflicting content. If we can see that it's available to license or for free use, we will be able to remove it from our sync program without question.

The information we would need is: 

Video link/URL
The song that is on the video (if different than what is mentioned on our claim.)
Direct source link (where we can review the conflicting content.)

Please submit a request using "False Claim on YouTube" from the drop-down menu and we can take care of this for you as soon as possible. 

If you'd like to provide a screen shot of the claim, you can attach that to your request as well.


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