I am not a CD Baby artist and I received a claim that is false

The claim you have received is simply a notification that YouTube's content ID system has matched our client's content within your video. CD Baby relies on YouTube’s Content ID system to detect our Artist's music in YouTube videos.

It's perfectly fine if you have permission to use the song, there is no conflict with that. However, content ID is still set up to place our claim on any videos using this song on behalf of the copyright owner.

If you believe the claim is invalid we can definitely take a closer look. First we will need you to provide us the link of your video to confirm the client the claim is stating the music belongs to.

Please also provide us with brief explanation over why you believe the claim is invalid.

*It is highly recommended you provide a source link,  license copy, contact info, anything that can help us determine how best to proceed.

If we can see that it's available to license or for free use, we will be able to remove it from our YouTube Monetization program without question.

Please submit a request using "False Claim on YouTube" from the drop-down menu and we can take care of this for you as soon as possible.

If you'd like to provide a screenshot of the claim, you can attach that to your request as well. If you'd like information regarding the exclusion of someone else's music, you can check, please check our article here


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